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Terms, Business and travel conditions of Tandem-Air

Managing director: Markus Dobernig

Tel.: +43 676 5822547



Tandem-Air is committed to transport the passenger named in the booking or flight ticket in a double Paraglider. The required flight equipment will be provided. Following contract conditions apply which I acknowledge by submitting the booking/order, settling the invoice, the oral conclusion of a transport contract and/or my signature/ ticket purchase. The ticket vendors undertake to inform the ticket purchaser about the Terms and Conditions of carriage.


By ordering a voucher you are obliged to pay the flight fare. The voucher is transferable and valid for 2 years. The fare has to be paid without any deduction. When booking a flight (by appointment orally or on site) the fare has to be paid in advance of the flight. The booking will be confirmed by Tandem-Air in written form, by telephone or by e-mail. When ordering a voucher the invoice will be sent together with the voucher. If you fail to use the arranged booking, the entire charge has to be paid.

Right of withdrawal

As a consumer you have the right to cancel your contract declaration within 7 business days after receipt of the voucher. This can be done without giving any reasons, in written form (e.g. letter, e-mail) and by returning the voucher. A later withdrawal is not possible. The withdrawal is made in time if it and the voucher are posted in time. The cost of the return is borne by the purchaser.
If cancellation is valid, the amount already paid will be reimbursed. In this case the account number of the purchaser will be necessary. The right of withdrawal does not apply if the voucher has already been redeemed.

Dates and flight

The date of the flight will be arranged at short notice depending on the appropriate weather conditions. We explicitly point out that despite an agreed date we are not required to transport the passenger if the weather conditions do not permit. The passenger is not entitled to compensation, reimbursement or other reimbursements of expenses incurred if the flight is postponed, although in this case the flight will still be carried out.
The flight site, depending on the weather, is determined by Tandem-Air. The details regarding the flight are determined by the individual pilot, who is also responsible for the conduct of the flight. The pilot is entitled to cancel the flight if the passenger or the external weather conditions are unsuitable.
The passenger confirms that participation is in his/her general personal interest as a means of becoming familiar with the sport. The journey expenses to the flight area are the passenger’s responsibility. The costs for the cable car and similar are not included in the flight price.

Tandem Flight

The passenger explicitly states that he is physically and psychologically healthy, that he has no heart or circulatory disorders, balance disorders, nerve disorders, chronic diseases or similar, in order to cope with the flight.
If there is uncertainty about the passenger’s flying ability, a medical fitness test is obligatory. The passenger also agrees to cancel the flight if the theoretical instruction is not made or if the passenger has not understood it or if the passenger is under the influence of alcohol, drugs or under any other medication. The passenger is obliged to wear appropriate clothing (weather, wind and dirt proof), if possible solid shoes (above the ankle is sufficient) and tear-proof gloves. Tandem-Air undertakes to provide helmet, overalls and equipment. For underage passengers the signature of a parent or legal guardian is required. The Passenger is obliged to follow the pilot’s instructions, for the passengers safety. We point out that accidents during start and landing, through tripping or misconduct, are possible. We try to minimize the risk as much as possible. In particular if the theoretical instruction for the flight are not complied with, dangerous situations can occur for the passenger and the pilot. If he/she fails to comply with these instructions, the passenger will be excluded. The violation shall mean that the passenger is not entitled to fly and will not be refunded the charge. The passenger will be responsible for personal injury through not following the pilot’s instructions . The passenger will be responsible for intentional damage to equipment, pilot or third party. Liability and insurance for passenger claims is covered by Austrian aeronautics law, the compulsory insurance with the Air&More Insurance has been concluded for accidents. Objects that will be carried during the flight (especially: spectacles, cameras, mobile telephone and other valuables and money) must be fixed accordingly or stored correctly. We assume no liability for missing or damaged items e.g. through start, flight or landing.

Final Provisions

Should individual provisions of the GC / BB be invalid, the all other points shall remain valid. Instead an appropriate regulation shall apply which comes closest to those provisions. Legal venue is Klagenfurt, place of performance is Annenheim.