Here we explain to you how your flight will run. We are happy to welcome you!

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Call us on telephone +43 676 5822547! Book your flight or buy a voucher online. Or use our contact form.


If you have decided to fly with us, or received a voucher, please call us on +43 676 5822547 or use our contact form, so we can arrange a date and time. Since the flight cannot be made from every mountain with every wind direction, whether the date can be kept depends on the weather.
As agreed, we will meet you either at the landing area or at the nearest cable car, to make the ascent to the summit as easy as possible.

Take off

During the ascent our tandem pilot will prepare you for the flight. After arrival at the launch site the pilot will spread out the chute and fit your harness and helmet. After the initial run has been discussed through, the pilot and passenger will be harnessed to the chute. After the start command has been given, pilot and passenger start running until the actual lift-off.

After only a couple of steps you will experience the incredible feeling of flying.

The flight

Once you have made yourself comfortable in the harness, Carinthia’s beautiful mountain and lake scenery opens up in front of you. Upon request, the pilot will now attempt to gain altitude to provide a view over the starting site.
When flying from the Gerlitze, the flight goes over Lake Ossiach and the Landskron castle towards the landing site.


After circling above the landing area to lose enough height, the pilot steers the paraglider towards the landing area and with a few steps gently lands on the ground. Now you can enjoy a cool drink in the shade and enjoy the photos you made.
You are back to earth and maybe you are already looking forward to the next flight with Tandem-Air.


Do you have any questions on tandem flying? Call us on +43 676 5822547 or have a look at our FAQ page.